Friday, October 14, 2011

Work of Art

So one of my favorite TV shows has finally returned! Work of Art: The Next Great Artist is basically Project Runway for the artist set and is absolutely wonderful. Way meaner and more intense than Project Runway, or even Top Chef. It's a really interesting show because art criticism is such a subjective thing and people usually know what they like in art. This week they sent home an artist named Ugo Nonis, who, in my opinion, left the show WAY too early. He does these super bold line drawings and paintings that are very reminiscent of Keith Haring (as much as Nonis rejects that comparison). 
I'm thinking about buying a piece of his art because I just think his compositions are really dynamic and just really cool. Every time you look at his pieces you are drawn to a different part of the work, which makes for some good wall power. Check out more of his stuff at

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