Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fall Wardrobe (A Girl Can Dream Edition)

I've always been a Tom Ford fan. In fact, I based my entire fall wardrobe last year on his men's campaign because I thought it was so gorgeous. He makes an impeccably tailored, beautifully imagined suit, which I feel is a mark of a good designer. He recently released some women's wear and I actively salivate when I look at this stuff because it is exactly what I am feeling right now, clothing wise. In fact, I would probably empty my bank account to buy just one of the pieces in the collection for Autumn 2011, but I honestly have nowhere worthy to wear it.
I feel like "divine" is really the only word that is accurate enough to describe this kind of clothing. Also, I love the way he styles his models (even the male ones for his men's wear campaigns) because the hair and makeup add to the overall effect of the clothing but certainly don't overpower anything. But with clothes as amazing as these, could anything really steal the limelight? (for more amazing women's clothes and seasons upon seasons of to-die-for men's wear)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You can dance if you want to

So I'm co-teaching a dancing and singing class this summer and in the corner of the dance studio there is a picture of Mikhail Baryshnikov. Every time I think of him I am reminded of this video that I stumbled upon a couple of years ago but is still, in my opinion, some of the best dancing of all time

Speaking of dance, I saw "Billy Elliot" on Broadway last weekend and it was phenomenal- check it out if you have the opportunity because it was absolutely breathtaking.